Thursday, October 28, 2004

An update, at long last

Well, it's an update, but I haven't got a great deal to say.

I've added zplet, so you can now play Risorgimento Represso online if you like.

IF Comp04 is now taking place, but I haven't even had time to download the games, let alone play or review any of them. With two children under two in the house, it makes for a complete lack of time for IF.

I have a pending Risorg version 4 to release that adds true, context-sensitive hints, fixes a minor bug, and adds a Glulx game file, but I haven't gotten around to checking it into my CVS and releasing it.

I also have autodoor.h, which is a combination of the auto-opening, auto-unlocking door code I used in Risorg, along with Ross Raszewski's doors module... so it makes for auto-opening doors that are easy to use. I can't even remember if I worked out all the issues in Glulx with it or not. Because of the "look-through" feature, there were some string-handling hoops to jump through to get both Glulx and ZMachine to print things like "Looking through the open door, you see the kitchen."

I am hoping to get some of the Comp04 games played and maybe even reviewed. I think I'll have to end up throwing them on the laptop so that I can play them at leisure outside of the computer room. There's always the PocketPC I could use too, but that's more aggravation than it's worth, as far as I'm concerned.

Risorg2 is progressing at a snail's pace. I've written the opening scene. It's far too long, but there's a certain amount of information I want to get conveyed across. I'll have to explore ways of revealing that information after the fact. Of course, seeing this one won't be intended for competition release, it might not be such a big deal.

I've also put some work into figuring out what's going to happen for roughly the first half of the game, and a few of the puzzles, as well. I don't anticipate it being finished any time soon.