Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Risorgimento Represso: An IF work-in-progress

At the moment, the only IF I'm actively working on is my Comp03 entry, Risorgimento Represso.

I think it's too long of a game, really, for the competition, but I'm interested in releasing it under maximum exposure conditions. It's not too long if the players don't go wandering around talking exhaustively to the few NPCs. There aren't really that many puzzles.

How's it going with the game? Well, all right, I suppose. I'm having some trouble making the ending work (literarily speaking, not programming-wise) the way I want it. It just doesn't seem to ring true, and I'm not sure if it's too easy, too short, or what. Well, we'll see. I'm hoping to move it out to beta-test before the end of June (optimism mode now disengaging).

Apart from that, I had a fully-developed plot, puzzles and all, for an entry for the SwashComp, but I haven't had any time to work on it, so I've decided not to bother. I may work on it at another time, but because my Comp03 is a fantasy piece, it has a similar technological level to what's in the SwashComp game, so I think I'd rather move on to something radically different next.

I have a few more ideas from some of my short stories percolating in my head, but I'm not certain how well they'd translate to IF.

I have one other idea that I'm still developing, and I'm not sure whether I'll go anywhere with it. With the initial kicking around in the brain, it feels like it would be very interesting, but a bit of a struggle to write.

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