Monday, June 13, 2005

Second post!

Now I feel like a slashdot geek.

Michelle and I just finished watching our Miss Marple Mysteries DVD that I picked up from Amazon (courtesy of my gift certificate winning limerick at BBspot. How's that for shameless self-promotion?)

On another BBspot related, self-promotion note, out of the list of "things I meant to put on my webpage, but never got around to because it was a pain to edit", a piece I wrote was published on BBspot a few months ago. You can read it here. And if it gets your knickers in a knot, well, I apologise. But bear this in mind: if we're made in God's image, that would mean that our sense of humour must have divine origins, right?

What's the netiquette about periods and links, anyway? Does the period go within the hyperlink or outside of it? It makes sense to me to include the punctuation with the link, so I think I'll do it that way.

The Miss Marple episodes were enjoyable, though A Pocketful of Rye could have been better served by being three parts. It felt a little rushed. I watched all these originally in the 1980s on Mystery with my parents, and they stand up pretty well. It's hard to believe The Body in the Library is over twenty years old.

Apart from Miss Marple, we're not watching a lot these days. The kids occupy most spare moments. That's hardly surprising and is just fine with me. They're never going to be this age again (2.5 years and 1 year), so I want to enjoy these days with them as much as I can.

I recently worked my way through all of Futurama after I borrowed the DVDs from a co-worker. When Futurama was broadcast, I missed quite a few episodes, due to the stupid way Fox kept moving it around or just plain pre-empting it for football. By the time I watched the DVDs, I'd managed to see most of the episodes on Teletoon over time. But when I got to season 4 of the DVDs, I was surprised to find that I had not seen a single one of those episodes before. Very strange: you'd think, after a year of watching it almost every night on Teletoon, I would eventually have seen one of the season 4 episodes.

I've got a whole wealth of things to throw up on here, but I'll end this here for now, as I'd rather have a greater quantity of smaller posts than infrequent monster posts. Don't quote me on that in the future, though.

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