Monday, November 28, 2005

Low Budget

So, fresh from his stint as the dancing construction worker in Sony's "The World of Sony" commercial (sadly, no longer accessible on their website), Patrick Thornton has just starred in Low Budget, which played very briefly at the Bloor Cinema.

Normally, this wouldn't be news, but my formative years in Mississauga were spent hanging around with Ben Thornton, Patrick's older brother, who has a small role in the film. I keep in touch with Ben via email, and he's a movie geek^H^H^H^H buff like I am, so he was pretty thrilled when he saw he was on IMDB... I just hope, when he finally makes it big, that he remembers his old elementary school buddy who stuck by him through thick and thin. Well, that's not entirely accurate. I kind of bailed on him: we moved to Guelph, and then, two years later, to Winnipeg, pictured below.

This picture was taken from our apartment window downtown on May 5, 2002, one week after we got married. Feel free to now quiz me on exactly why we moved to Winnipeg.

It's worth noting that the kids all moved here with our parents, who have since relocated to Edmonton, leaving us all stranded here, except for my younger sister, who had the smarts to bail back to Toronto.

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