Monday, June 02, 2008


So I went to watch the North American premiere of the score to The Fellowship of the Ring (non-extended), with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. What happened here was the film was played on a high-def screen at the MTS Centre while the score was played live by the WSO.

It was absolutely incredible. The music was superb and seeing the film again with a large crowd of Tolkien fans reminded me of how amazing it was to see it in the theatre as a communal experience. The dynamic range was awesome, and blew away listening to it at home.

It was also really neat, as a lifelong Tolkien fan, to be sitting there in a packed concert hall (well, arena) and listening to a choir sing in Elvish.

I also wasn't the only one impressed with the whole... mission... quest.... thing.

I'm now all a-gog waiting for TTT and ROTK to be given the same treatment.

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