Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Risorgimento Represso & sequel going commercial!

* End of day update * Yes, this was an April Fool's joke.

Now that all the negotiations and contracts are in place, I can finally announce this.

Risorgimento Represso and its unreleased sequel are going commercial! Activision are releasing a "Lost Treasures of Inform" compilation to celebrate Zork turning "5 binary years old", i.e. 2^5, or 32 years old. The packaging looks just like the Lost Treasures of Infocom, but with the -com crossed out and "rm" written in.

The idea is to package all the classic Infocom games along with some of the best that the community has come out with over the years. This was all planned for Zork's 30th birthday, but didn't quite come off in time. Apparently, there's still quite a few people at Activision who love the Infocom stuff, and are frequent lurkers in r*if-land. They've had a new compilation planned/in the works for quite some time, but contacting all the different community IF authors and getting rights has taken a while, which is why they've been so silent on the idea of re-releasing any of the Infocom games.

The per-copy royalty isn't huge, but just the privilege of having two of my games (if I can finish Risorg's sequel in time!) released on the same CD as some Infocom classics, as well as the best of the r*if community is just awesome.

Based on sales of previous compilations, Activision expects to sell about 50000 copies... not huge, but they don't have many expenses apart from packaging. Royalties are paid out at $0.05 per game, so with two games on there, I should do all right out of it.

I don't have the full list of the other titles that will be on there, but I know works by noted community people like Emily Short, Andrew Plotkin, Quintin Stone, Adam Cadre, Adam Thornton will be present, along with a host of other names you'll recognize.

Anyway, sorry to drone on so long tooting my own horn, but now that I can finally share this info, I wanted to be the first to break it.

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