Friday, April 21, 2006

Is it fin rot? It's fin rot, isn't it? Tell me it's not fin rot!

I was struggling with Platform Builder1, trying to get a WinCE build to work earlier this week, and complaining bitterly about some aspect or other, and Zar' pointed me to a great talk by Charles Petzold, asking whether Visual Studio Rots the Mind. It's a great read, and for the record, yes, I think it does.

The problem with the Platform Builder build turned out to be related to the latest Platform Builder QFE (no link provided as it created such evil problems for me). Once that was rolled out of the way, the whole thing compiled like a dream. Not that dreams compile... everyone knows dreams must be interpreted.

1Don't expect that link to work long-term. With any slightly older link (i.e. > 1 year) I find on the Internet to a page at Microsoft, when I follow the link, the original page is gone or moved. It's like there's a whole division at Microsoft constantly shuffling webpages around.

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