Friday, April 21, 2006

New bloggy goodness

I've added links at the side to Benjamin Thornton's Nine-Inch Column, and Zar''s Recursion Man blog.

Ben is a friend from my Mississauga days (which came to an end in 1986), miraculously reunited with me via the magic of the Internets.

And that's not a typo in reference to Zar''s blog. That's Zar', as in Zar "prime". The first ' indicates prime, the second, the possessive. Zar' is a cow-orker here at ... well, let's just say work, whom I've known for many years, having previously worked together at Symbol in the Mobile Computing Division.

They've both started blogs on Blogger now, independently, but within days of each other. It's like they're subconsciously guilting me into putting more content on my blog.

Well, it won't work, and I'll blog here every day about it not working if necessary!

Rogues, hence, avaunt! vanish like hailstones, go;
Trudge, plod away o' the hoof; seek shelter, pack!

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