Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Learning to fence...

Constructing the fence has been taking up all my spare time lately.

All the runners were finished by last Thursday (the 28th), and so I was able to start putting up fence boards on Friday night and a lot of the day Saturday. I did a few more on Monday as well, but haven't managed to get out there since then. I'm roughly half-finished with the fence boards, though there are still a few areas with gaps to fill, where a full fence board wouldn't fit at the end of a section.

It's been over 30 degrees here over the last few days, so the fence was pretty hot work, with the sun beating down out of a clear blue sky. My skin has started to lose its geekly white pallor, but I've managed to avoid any burning by dousing myself liberally in sunscreen before venturing outside.

And in other pointless news, I got my second sheet of MDF hauled down the stairs, so cabinet construction should be beginning soon (fingers crossed).

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