Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A 4x8 sheet of 11/16" MDF...

... is extremely heavy!

I got the MDF delivered along with all the wood for the backyard fence. Those sheets are seriously heavy! The guy who delivered the MDF carried both sheets at once into the garage for me, so I figured I should be able to manage one sheet down the stairs at a time, as I've done with plywood before.

No such luck. This stuff is dense. With Michelle steadying one end, I managed to maneuver one sheet down there, but every time I look at the second sheet in the garage, I lose all desire to try again.

Maybe I should do some cutting of this sheet in the garage.

I'm really eager to get going on the cabinet construction, but it's going to have to wait. I have a pile of wood in the driveway that I want to turn into a fence.

All the posts have been set for the fence, and I got all the fence clips in place. Sunday and Monday evening, I got a few of the runners in place, so one side of the yard is "runnered" at the moment. That represents about 29' of fence, so only another 80' to go, and then I can start in on the fence boards.

Fenced lot, here we come.

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